So, I do a lot of things, guys.

A few days ago I was talking with someone  about how I got my Masters in Creative Nonfiction and how much I think that has to relate to support. It had stemmed off of a conversation of what my past professional life had looked like and how they thought it would be cool if I were to write or give a talk on how I got there. I said that I didn't understand where the value would come from with a talk like that, at which point I was accused of crippling humility.

"You do lots of things." They said.

To which I responded: "No, not really. I write docs and tweets and emails, but that's about it nowadays, I don't do too much otherwise.  Some code, some debugging, but really I don't understand where I've gotten this reputation of awesomeness from."

"Look at all the stuff you write," they said, "Look at all the places you contribute to, look at how far you have come!"

So, I decided Well, maybe I should just see if I have enough to posts strewn around the internet to actually make a site with them all. I am getting kind of tired of posting random things on Facebook, it would be nice if they all had a place to live.

And so, here we are. A place for my things to live.