For the last two years, women from all aspects of the gaming industry have gathered together to speak at PAX East, telling men and women alike WHY it's awesome being a female in the gaming industry. They have talked about the struggles, the obstacles, and how to overcome these and truly enjoy their experience. For all men and women alike, they want to share more advice and more insight on being a successful female in gaming.

Recorded on Saturday, April 23rd at PAX East 2016 in Boston, MA.

Sarah LeBoeuf [Games Journalist, Critic and Editor, Freelance] 
Sabriel Mastin [Writer, Freelance]
Jamie McKiernan [Artist, Harmonix]
Mercer Smith-Looper [AwfulBit, Co-Founder]
Tatjana Vejnovic [Contributing Editor, The Koalition]

Johnathan Gibbs [Edugaytion, Founder]