Hi, I'm Mercer.

I'm a 28-year old from Boston who has done everything, career-wise, from cheffing up sushi to building web apps. I currently manage the Trello support team over at Atlassian.

My LinkedIn says this about me: "A writer, avid bicyclist, and CX lover who enjoys the constantly shifting and changing world that she inhabits. Skilled in web-based troubleshooting and development as well as support and solutions management, I spend most of my days thinking about what should be the most important aspect of any company: the customer. I am most interested, specifically, in streamlining processes so that both internal and external customers are better able to get to their end goal with the least amount of friction. I am passionate about finding problems or trouble areas and then creating tools, training and documentation to help ensure they never happen again, or if they do we have the resources to solve them quickly and easily."

And that's pretty true, all things considered, but there is much more to life (and to me) than that, and this site hopes to show you that.